Flight Club Artistic Movement is an athletic facility hoping to contribute to the flourishing community of Richmond. We wish to be a home for aspiring performers and future generation of artistic athletes. By providing fun and safe programs, hiring passionate and professional coaches, equipping the facility with effective learning tools, and making it more accessible to the community, we aim to improve the status quo of extracurricular activities.



  • Full size Spieth America competition 54’ x 42’ spring floor

  • 2nd level 30’ x 20’ spring floor

  • 15’ x 20’ x 8’ foam pit 

  • 5’ x 36’ Studio Mirrors

  • Training aids - landing mats, incline mats, spotting platforms, kicking paddles, etc


learn from our team of highly experienced and certified individuals

The combined set of qualifications and diverse work experiences equate our competitive advantage. One of our main focus is to prioritize safety. We aim to create a culture that minimizes injury. Aside from reliable equipment, quality staff training and best practiced policies are necessary.