Our Staff


Our staff have a combined set of qualifications and diverse work experiences equate our competitive advantage. One of our main focus is to prioritize safety. We aim to create a culture that minimizes injury. Aside from reliable equipment, quality staff training and best practiced policies are necessary.


Ka Mak

Martial Arts
10+ Years Coaching (All Ages)

Maryam is a former competitive swimmer who has found that ropes resistance training mimics moving against water. She brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all her clients and classes.

Jervin Densing


7+ Years Coaching (All Ages)

Aksel’s grandfather introduced weightlifting to him at an early age, so it’s no surprise that he went on to compete nationally. He approaches his own training with patience and resolve and brings that same attitude to his clients.

Jaxon Wong

10+ Years Coaching (All Ages)

Functional Training
Fitness & Nutrition
Marathon Training

Maiv is addicted to fruits, vegetables, and marathons. During individual sessions, she also trains alongside you, so you never feel like you’re working out alone.

Michael Donovan

Competition Judge
X Years Coaching (All Ages)

With a background in gymnastics, Joel has a passion for applying his experience to helping you develop lean muscle and healthy joints.